Here’s how it works



The first step to building a successful website is researching the target audience. Before any work gets started, research and planning has to be undertaken into who the target audience is, and how they are likely to use the site. That’s why it’s imperative that each client fills out our questionnaire and schedule a consultation.



After a plan is put in place, we will design a site map that will define the size and scope of the website. A site map is a visual representation of the site structure. Above all, the content and visual design is why people come to your website. We will make sure your site has a unique style that will help you stand out.



Development is the process of building a website and putting everything together obtained from both the research and design stage. We will add the clients content, photos, videos, navigation bar, basic layout and more. This time is also spent making sure your website is mobile, responsive on tablets and smartphones.



Testing is a crucial part of the website development process. Testing your site will help identify errors and lead to better results. Last we will present the completed website to the client for final review, develop a strategy to rank highly in search engines like Google and maximize exposure through SEO optimization.