Here’s how it works



The first step to building a successful website is learning more about the client. We will have a 30 minutes to an hour conversation with you to learn more about your business, the issues you face and what you need. We will then look into who your target audience is, and how we get them to your site to convert.



We will design a mock-up website that will define the size and scope of the project. This will give you an idea and a starting point of how the website will start to look like. We will make sure your site has a unique style that will help you stand apart and work with you to make sure your content resonate with your visitors



Development is the process of building a website and putting everything together obtained from both the research and design stage. We will add the clients content, photos, videos, navigation bar, basic layout and more. This time is also spent making sure your website is mobile, responsive on tablets and smartphones.



Testing before launch is a crucial part of the website development process. Testing your site will help identify errors and problems that need fixing. Last we will present the completed website to the client for final review, develop a strategy to rank high in search engines and maximize exposure through SEO and social media.